LabeltraceONE offers a versatile labelling solution

With a selection of standard label templates and an all new label creator, you can now build a library of useful labels for your practice.  LabeltraceONE also offers you the facility to share your label designs with the Labeltrace Commuinity.  Here are just a few of the standard labels.

Clinical Labels

Lesion Label

NHS Patient Details


Address Labels

Patient Mailing (Title Only)

Practice Mailing

Surgery Contact

Clinical Information Labels

Stop Smoking Information

Pregnancy & Baby Guide

Recall Slips

Blood Pressure Recall

Immunisation Recall

Medication Recall

Useful Administration Labels

Warning Labels

Patient Record

Surgery Property

Cleaning & Recycling




Information Labels

Reward Labels

No Smoking

Surgery Contact

Appointment Cards

Standard Appointment Card

With Imagery

Different Font Styles