Saving East Quay Medical Centre time & improving patient experience

East Quay Medical Centre in Bridgewater is one of over 4000 GP practices in the UK and Ireland that is benefitting from the features of Labeltrace.

Labeltrace provides a simple solution for printing labels and appointment cards for GP practices.  Labels are often used for laboratory samples that are sent off for testing.

Dr Richard O’Brien, GP Partner said “Before Labeltrace, some samples were returned untested as the labels were not readable.”, ” Sometimes patient information was duplicated as forms were filled in slightly differently”, “These issues could delay diagnosis and increase administration”.

The introduction of Labeltrace has saved each of the 3 phlebotomists an hour a day, “this means that we can now provide additional services like checking blood pressure in the same appointment” said Sue Knott, Phlebotomist.