Labeltrace is part of Codegate Ltd, a software developer and system integrator specialising in mobile computing and track & trace in many different industries.

Most of our business involves capturing data in the real world, converting it to useful information in the digital world, then integrating with downstream enterprise systems. Where integration isn’t required we will deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

To collect data we use mobile computers, barcodes, RFID, cameras, GPS and so on – whatever means is most appropriate to the customer requirement. We have long-established relationships with all major rugged mobile and auto-id manufacturers. This allows us to competitively supply hardware and maintenance too if required. If the hardware doesn’t exist for a particular requirement we’ll have it designed, tested, certified and built using our network of carefully selected partners.

All of Codegate’s software is developed using our own staff in the UK. We argue that’s the right approach to deliver user-friendly, intuitive software that works in harmony with each client’s processes. It also keeps development time down to a minimum.

Codegate builds its applications from a set of software modules called ‘Catalyst’. Highly configurable tried and tested building blocks that can be assembled quickly into solutions directly matching each client’s needs. We write for Windows, Android and IOS platforms. Sitting in between ‘off the shelf’ software and ‘fully bespoke’ this approach delivers the best overall value to organisations with 30 or more mobile workers.

We develop software for every stage of the data collection process. Starting from apps running on mobile computers, RFID readers or embedded computers, to gateways managing information over data networks, to middleware, server applications and databases, big data analytics and web portals with multi-level access. We use remote device management to maintain all parts of our systems however remote.